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There are so many ways to watch series online with English subtitles, or to download series. You can of course do this for free, but in most cases this will be illegal. We do not support this. We would like to help you find ways of watching tv series online for free with subtitles. English subtitles will be the easiest, but with French Arabic & Turkish, Russian, Chinese or Spanish (and Dutch subtitles as well for some reason) is also possible. You will be surprised of the many legal ways there are. Read on if you would like to find out. 

Why the big focus on watching movies or series with subtitles? Most of the tv series we discuss are foreign series, like the popular Scandinavian thrillers & detectives, and unless you speak Danish, Swedish or Norwegian you have no chance of understanding what is going on. In the same way, we have spoken to a number of not native American English speakers who would like to have subtitles in their own language.

So what are your options?

With US – Instantly watch some episodes from our selection

We have got a pretty large collection of film and series that you can instantly watch without pop-ups etc. Some terrific tv shows – old and new series online.

2010 - popular chinese tv series - Three Kingdoms

Our collection of free tv series with English subs 

– One of the biggest online free streaming services for English subtitled Drama tv shows:

– There you can watch mainly Asian series online (For instance for English subtitled Chinese, Indian, Japanese and Korean drama’s and war series online)

Update: For European series online you must (For instance for French, Italian and Spanish series with English subtitles, but also for Russian and Turkish series online with subtitles) read further below.

Youtube – free legal and the possibility for subtitles

One of the most obvious things you could go for. Still a lot of people have no idea how much Youtube can actually mean for you. Many old full series are watchable online on Youtube. Not just American series, but a lot of Indian television is put on Youtube, the same goes for Arabic series. Also a lot of European detectives can be found, like the popular Dutch police series Baantjer or the very old famous French crime series Les Vampires – The Severed head (Links to the Youtube Channels)

How to enable subtitles on youtube?

In case that the subtitles are not already there, you should have a look at a little red icon in the toolbar at the bottom of the video. If it is not there, then you should quickly continue to another free youtube series. – For all your archived tv shows, movies and documentaries

This website has tons of great material in its possession. What is so great about it is that most of it is free. The archive ranges from great French movies & tv series to great Russian classics and American works. All of the foreign shows have English subtitles.  Give it a try – a great way to spend your rainy afternoons. Try your luck at – television

Public and commercial network websites

Another alternative is also a rather obvious one. Depending on from what country you are, you should always be able to watch series online for free at the websites of your national tv channels. In the US, companies, like NBC, ABC and HBO provide this service. Most public networks also provide the option of watching back the television that you have missed.

Paid Websites – Netflix, Lovefilm and whatnot

If all else fail,s or is not good enough to settle your needs, then we are afraid you will have to spend a little bit of money. But good news, the subscriptions are very cheap, And ones you have gotten it you can download and watch your tv series for free with English subtitles. Netflix and Lovefilm are now also available in other countries, so you can also get the subtitles in your own language then for English movies & series.

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