Watch Barbie Movies online for free – New and Old

Every little girl in the world should be crazy happy. You can now watch all barbie movies online. Sometimes even with English subtitles, and other language subtitles. Best thing is, it is completely legal. We have made a selection of all the best films out there.  Also new barbie movies of 2013/2014.

List of all barbie movies ever

This list does not include the earlier barbie movies from the eighties and nineties. It also includes some new free barbie movies that are coming out soon. Their release is scheduled. An overview of all the best movies for girls (and to be honest, grown-up watch them quite a lot too). If we do not have the film you want here directly you should just go to Itunes and type in the movie name. There is also a list with direct links on All our barbie films are below the list.

  • Barbie in the Nutcracker (2001)
  • Barbie as Rapunzel (2002)
  • Barbie of Swan Lake (2003)
  • Barbie as the Princess and the Pauper (2004)
  • Barbie: Fairytopia (2005)
  • Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus (2005)
  • The Barbie Diaries (2006)
  • Barbie: Mermaidia (2006)
  • Barbie in the 12 Dancing Princesses (2006)
  • Barbie Fairytopia: Magic of the Rainbow (2007)
  • Barbie as the Island Princess (2007)
  • Barbie Mariposa (2008)
  • Barbie & the Diamond Castle (2008)
  • Barbie in a Christmas Carol (2008)
  • Barbie Thumbelina (2009)
  • Barbie and the Three Musketeers (2009)
  • Barbie in A Mermaid Tale (2010)
  • Barbie: A Fashion Fairy Tale (2010)
  • Barbie: A Fairy Secret (2011)
  • Barbie: Princess Charm School (2011)
  • Barbie: A Perfect Christmas (2011)
  • Barbie in A Mermaid Tale 2 (2012)
  • Barbie: The Princess and the Popstar (2012)
  • Barbie in Black Beauty (2013)

All Free movies online with Barbie

Just follow the instructions we put above our list if you need even more films. Otherwise you will just have to buy Barbie DVD’s. You can do so here via Amazon – All Barbie Movies on DVD or follow the same link to Amazon Video. Want more kids movies? Then also check out our Free disney movies online with English subtitles.

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