Vikings action show on the History Channel

Top 5 amazing action series of 2013 – New best action tv shows

A list of all the new best action series on television in season 2013/2014. The most amazing series listed in a top 5. From hard American action series & to great British action shows. Only the most amazing tv shows coming out on DVD and on TV.

Best Action tv shows of 2013/2014

Vikings (2013) – Irish series in line with HBO’s Game of Thrones?

VIKINGS TV Show – Exclusive Opening Sequence [HD]: New History Channel Original Series

We actually missed this one in all the hype about Game of Thrones, a show it is now often compared to. This is mainly concerns the feel it has about it – it is a new high quality series produced by Michael Hirst (The Tudors, Elizabeth) with a highly mystical and ancient atmosphere. It is an amazing series with a lot of action, and a terrific story. It narrates the story of Ragnar Lothbrok, a great Viking hero, rising to become the king of all Viking Tribes. It is being aired on the History Channel since March 2013.

Vikings action show on the History Channel

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (2013) – Marvel’s and ABC’s action drama

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – Trailer 1 (Official)

An upcoming American tv show which just released its first official trailer. It is a Marvel Television creation for ABC is set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The fictional organization S.H.I.E.L.D. protecting the world from unusual and extraordinary dangers. In this show we once again see Agent Phil Coulsin who puts together a special small team of S.H.I.E.L.D agents. It is directed by ‘The Avengers’ – Director Josh Whedon.

Defiance – Hyped action sci-fi show / Orphan Black – another sci-fi hit (Both 2013)

There is no way you have not heard about this highly anticipated action series. Unfortunately it was not as amazing as we had hoped, but still quite special. Another excellent new tv series is Orphan Black. They are more science fiction that action, but are very much action tv series as well.

Read about them in our 2013 Sci-fi section

Banshee – Great Cinemax Action show on HBO (2013)

One of this year’s surprises for us. We were expecting a rather subtle crime drama, but we were treated to a very violent spectacular series, with amazing fighting scenes. Not as great as other HBO series, but definitely worth your while if you are into action. Also some lovely nudity scenes.

Read about it in the new series on HBO

New tv shows for in 2014

Also for 2014 there are a few great action productions under way. The ones we are most eagerly looking forward to are the Incredible Hulk series and the new 24: Live Another Day tv show.  

The Incredible Hulk is a production by Guillermo Del Toro, but unfortunately not much is clear. It has been postponed for a while, but rumors say that 2014 will most likely will be the year. The new ’24’ is a sequel to the very popular series with Kiefer Sutherland.

New amazing series out on DVD in 2013/2014

Here we shall quickly make available all the new action shows out on DVD or Bluray. More to come soon.

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