New Swedish tv shows in 2013 – Best thriller series & detectives

An overview of the new big releases of Swedish tv shows on Swedish television. Some great returning series that are about to be broadcasted in 2013. We are naturally talking about the famous drama shows from sweden, mainly thriller tv shows and detective series. The Suspenseful ‘The Bridge’ (Bron-Broen) will be back with season 2, and so will the hit series ‘Wallander’ with season 3.

New Swedish tv series – info & release dates of the upcoming seasons in 2013

The Bridge (Bron-Broen) – A police series with Danish & Swedish detectives

The Bridge – Bron / Broen Trailer

Although The Bridge could never quite compete with Danish hit series ‘The Killing’ and political drama series ‘Borgen’, it generated a fair bit of popularity. Also compared to the other popular Swedish tv series, Wallandar In Europe people love police tv shows, and ‘The Bridge’ provided all of the required ingredients. It is a thriller series with a strong story and good acting. At times it is even surprisingly funny. The first season started with the discovery of a dead body on the bridge from Danish Copenhagen to Swedish Malmo. As it later turns out, it were actually two different bodies exactly dividing the border between Sweden and Denmark. Two police detectives were forced to work together, and the mastermind behind the murders has their full attention, and will do everything to keep  it so. The Bridge Season two is currently being filmed, and is said to be released at the end of 2013 in Sweden.

The Bridge (Bron-Broen) on DVD with English subtitles:

Wallander – Den orolige mannen

Wallander: Den orolige mannen – officiell trailer

Finally, it took a while, but it is there. The third season of the Swedish successful hitseries Wallander. The Police officer from Ystad is back after 8 years since the last season. In the meanwhile there have been an English remake and a movie version, but people have been desperately awaiting the original tv series based on the books by Henning Mankell. According to the Swedish film institute, this Swedish police police drama tv show will be released in January in Sweden. Season 3 of the British version is already out on DVD.

Similar to the recent Swedish series – Other new Scandinavian tv shows of 2013

We have more upcoming Scandinavian series – of course also thrillers, detective and police tv shows.

Danish tv series of 2013

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